How To Seat Your Guests At Your Wedding Reception

Weddings don't require assigned seats but it can certainly make larger weddings easier. Why? Because people like to know where they are sitting. It takes out the awkwardness of guests who may not know each other, trying to scrounge up a seat where they feel comfortable. Seating charts are especially helpful if you are serving different entrée options. Read on for tips on ways to help seat your guests.

1. As always, start early

While you can probably find making your seating chart at the bottom of your to-do list- don't get caught making in the wee hours on your wedding day, you have other things to be thinking about at this point. Start at least a week out from your wedding day.

2. Sort it out

Start by creating a spreadsheet. Put everyone in groups like your family, his family, your friends, his friends etc. This makes it easier to see who will sit by who before you break everything down into specific tables.

3. Map it out

If you are a visual person like me, don't be afraid to draw up a mock seating chart. Draw circles for tables to see how you want them to be arranged and write guests names inside.

4. Head up the head table

Leave room for a head table for you and your wedding party. Or don't, up to you! If you aren't having a head table, make sure to include your wedding party at their own table.

5. Place the parents

Traditionally the parents of the bride and groom sit together. Along with the grandparents, any siblings not in the wedding party, and the officiant. If you're not into tradition or divorced parents may feel awkward sitting together, you can create a bride's family table and a groom's family table. Seating is flexible just so long as your guests feel comfortable.

6. Reunion at the wedding?

If you have family or friends from out of town that haven't seem each other in awhile, sit them together for a little reunion. They'll thank you later!

7. Create an easy way for guests to find their seat

Don't forget to create a way for guests to find there seat. Whether it be a large sign, a name card on the table, or a dual seat finder wedding favor, don't forget to let your guests know where their seat is.

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