When To NOT Wear Your Engagement Ring

Wait, what? You mean you shouldn't wear your engagement ring all the time?? I know, it's so pretty and you just got it so of course you want to wear it all the time! There are a few times you should take your sparkler off though if you want to keep it in tip top shape.. and who doesn't want that?!

When you're hitting the gym

Cardio won't do your ring any harm but weightlifting can. The pressure applied to your band(s) from the weights can bend them. This is especially harmful to pavé bands because smaller stones can fall out of their setting if the band is bent.

When you're at the beach

There are a few reasons for this one. 1. If it falls off in the sand or water it is more than likely a goner. 2. We all know sand gets everywhereeee, including in your ring. It can wedge itself between the stone and the setting. 3. Sunscreen. Don't apply it while wearing your ring, it will cloud your diamond up.

When you're taking a shower

Similar to sunscreen, soaps and hair care products can cause a cloudy buildup on or under your stone. This applies to your favorite body lotions as well.

When you're soaking in a pool or hot tub

Losing your ring isn't as big of a risk as it is at the beach but the chemicals in pools can certainly discolor the metal overtime.

When you're cleaning

Just like chlorine, cleaning chemicals can discolor your ring. After time it will take a toll on the metals and possibly your stone if your ring has any colored gemstones.

When you do take your ring off, don't go leaving it around all willy nilly. Keep it in a secure place where you know you won't lose it. A ring dish is a perfect spot, and they will be coming to LMDP soon ;)

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