How To Get The Most Pictures Out Of Your Wedding Day

On average, an 8 hour long wedding will produce around 800+ wedding images, baring nothing crazy happens. If you are looking for the most bang for you buck however, below are ways to get the most wedding photos out of your big day.

Have a padded timeline

Obviously the longer your photographer is there, the more images you'll receive. That's a no brainer. But when creating your timeline make sure the photographer has enough time for the important images. Now I'm not saying that the reception isn't important but let's be honest, you can only have so many photos of people dancing. When you look back on your wedding images I guarantee most of your print worthy images won't be reception images. Have plenty of time for getting ready images, portraits, and family pictures and plan for more time then you think you'll need for these.

Do a first look

Adding a first look will directly add in an additional amount of photos. The amount of images you receive of just the bride and groom will double when you add a first look.

Be prepared and plan ahead

A big part of getting a lot of wedding images back is being prepared. Make sure everyone is arriving on time and stick to your timeline. Have all your details, like rings, stationery, and jewelry with you when you arrive. Make a list of images you want. These can be portraits, family groupings and bridal party groupings. Making sure everyone know where to be and when, will make everything go smoother and keep you on track allowing for more shooting time.

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