Ways To Trim Your Wedding Budget Without Sacrificing Style

With the national average cost of a wedding at $35,329 in 2016 (per The Knot), we can't deny that cheap weddings seem to be a thing of the past. If your budget can't stretch that far, don't worry you are not alone! There are some ways to trim the fat per say, out of your wedding budget.

A great place to start is your Guest List. Only invite close family and friends and keep the list small. The smaller the list, the cheaper your entire wedding. You'll have less guests to feed and entertain and less invitations and favors to order.

Instead of spending a couple thousand dollars on a Dress from a high end boutique, shop small. Look at non chain shops or try chains that are known for carrying lower priced dresses like David's Bridal. Also, wait for sales and look a dress that won't require much alteration.

When you are picking out your Florals don't be afraid to ask the florist for recommendations. Most florists can work within your budget. Opt for less expensive flowers like baby's-breath and stick with smaller bouquets.

When planning your wedding and picking vendors, ask if they charge less for dates not during peak wedding season. Peak wedding season is April-October. A lot of Venues charge less if you pick a date that isn't in high demand. Go a little further and set your date for a Friday night or a Sunday brunch, you might score an even bigger discount! Avoid getting married on a holiday weekend, there tend to be up-charges for certain dates.

Order a smaller 1 layer Cake for yourselves to cut down on costs. Serve buttercream frosted sheet cakes to your guests. They taste better than fondant and tend to be a cheaper (yet tasty) alternative to the decked out 5 tier cake.

Instead of choosing platinum Wedding Bands opt for white or rose gold instead. Getting cheaper options like QALO can always be upgraded on an anniversary.

Wait a few days after the wedding and leave for your Honeymoon on a week day, weekends tend to be a higher ticket price. Use the frequent flyer miles you've been saving. You can also use travel sites to book your flight, hotel, and transportation together for a cheaper bundled price. It's the same as venues, don't book your wedding or honeymoon on holidays or holiday weekends. Prices go up when vendors know people will be traveling.

These days you can register for just about anything, Photography included. Ask your wedding photographer if they offer a wedding registry. Instead of receiving sheets and towels (which you probably already have) receive your wedding photos as a gift! To check out my wedding registry click here.

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