How To Pull Off The Perfect Outdoor Ceremony

Outdoor ceremonies are my absolute favorite. They can be pretty tricky though since you are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Below are some tips to pull off your outdoor ceremony without a hitch!

1. Have a backup plan

Even if you really want an outdoor ceremony you still want to have a plan B. We in the Midwest know the weather can change every 20 minutes and the weatherman seems to never get it right. When picking a venue make sure they have room inside for you ceremony just in case it comes to that. A temperature controlled venue is a plus!

2. Dress for the weather

Are you having a summer wedding? You might opt for short length bridesmaids dresses and no suit jacket for the guys. If you are having a fall or winter wedding make sure to dress warm. Pashmina shawls make for a great bridesmaids gift and will help keep your maids stylish and warm outside. You can also buy clear umbrellas for bridal pictures in case it rains.

3. Tour the ceremony location at the time of day you'll be getting married

Where is the sun? Are there any shady spots? Nothing will take away from your ceremony like squinting faces looking directly into the sun.

4. Personalize!

I am a big fan of personalization. An outdoor ceremony space is a blank slate. You can build your own alter and drape flowers and tulle to create a beautiful backdrop. Line chairs in a row or create a circle around you, the possibilities are endless!

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