Bro-dal Shower? The Next Big Thing?

What is a bro-dal shower you ask? It's a bridal shower for bros, obviously, and a very 2018 thing to do no doubt! This is not to be confused with a couples shower (a bridal or wedding shower that both women and men attend), or a shower for two grooms, no this is just for the guys.

So what exactly is it?

It's similar to a bridal shower, as in it's a pre wedding party for the groom and his guy friends. It's a chance for gift giving and a change for older friends, family, or other married men to impart words of wisdom on the husband to be. Bro-dal showers can be casual or more formal, depending on what you want.

Should your groom have one?

The better question is does your groom want one? Or does anyone even want to throw him one? If so, go for it! I'm guessing most men would be down for it, as long as it wasn't referred to as a bro-dal shower. I'm sure a typical guys night would suffice (am I right?).

Is your groom having a bro-dal shower? Let us know in the comments below!

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