7 Ways to De-Stress While Wedding Planning

Wedding planning should be exciting and fun but we all know it is also very stressful. From finding the perfect vendors to staying in budget, is there really any surprise that "Bridezilla" makes an appearance every now and then? We didn't think so.

Learning how to manage stress during your engagement is the secret to keeping your happily ever after so we are sharing our stress relief tips!

Calm down on the caffeine

Yes, we said it. Calm down on the caffeine. We all have the tendency to reach for the coffee pot when we're feeling tired and stressed. If you're already feeling anxious with wedding planning stress, large amounts of caffeine will only make that worse.

Take care of your mind body and spirit

Exercise is always a great stress reliever but if you aren't a fan of hitting the gym, try at home yoga or meditation. A few minutes of calm alone time will do wonders for your mind and body.

Take a step back

A part of taking care of your body is getting enough sleep. If you find yourself up late, scrolling through Pinterest and making the perfect centerpieces until 2 AM, you need to take a step back. Sleep is a key element to a healthy body, so make sure you are getting enough of it!

Stay organized

Your stress will increase tenfold if you're not organized. Create to do lists and store vendor information in a wedding binder. Take it one step further and order each task based on urgency and knock one out at a time.

Find a creative outlet

Time is valuable when you're wedding planning so it may not seem like a good idea to pick up a new hobby. Doing something fun and just for you however is a great stress reliever.

Date night

Don't forget why you are planning a wedding in the first place. Date nights are a must for married couples but they are also a must for engaged couples. Wedding talk is off the table for these date night, keep the conversation light and relaxed and just spend some quality time together.

Plan a girls night

Your girls are just as important as your guy. Carve out some time to spend with your friends. They can help you plan, craft, or just let loose for the night. There is nothing like some good food and drinks with good friends to melt your stress away.

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