Your Wedding Planning Workflow

Happy New Year and congratulations on your engagement!

Now let's be real for a minute.. we've all been planning our wedding since we were a little girl but we didn't realize just how much we had to plan and how much our dream Pinterest wedding would (shocked face) cost.. am I right??

Well if you're already feeling overwhelmed and are not even sure where to start then read below for your Wedding Planning Workflow- it's everything you need to plan with a helpful timeline! Happy planning!

1. GET ENGAGED! (Check!):

Let the wedding planning begin! Start looking for a wedding planner now if you plan to have one, they can help with anything and everything!

2. Guest List:

Creating a guest list right from the start is a good way to determine how big or small of a venue you will need. It will help you narrow down your search later on! Tip: about 80% of guests invited will attend.

3. Budget:

Yes, the dreaded budget.. you'll need to know pretty early on how much you are willing/able to spend and where the funds will be coming from. It will save some stress and headaches later! Tip: According to "The Knot 2016 Real Wedding Study", the national average cost for a wedding is $35,329 and 2017 will most likely be more.

4. The Venue:

The venue is one of the first big things you need to mark off your list. It sets the tone for the entire wedding and you can't very well hire vendors without a date!

5. The Dress:

Chances are you won't buy the first dress you see and it will probably need some alterations. Dress shop early to accommodate for fittings so you have your dress in plenty of time!

6. Music:

Reserve a DJ for you ceremony, cocktails and reception. Music can really make or break the party.

7. Photography and Video:

Find a photographer (and videographer if you want one) that fits your style and you will work well with. The book up fast so make sure to reach out well in advance!

8. Engagement Photos:

Your wedding photographer will most likely do your engagement photos as well so hop in front of the lens, you might use photos for your save-the-date!

9. Stationery:

Start to plan out your save-the-dates as well as your invitations. They are the first thing your guests see and get them excited about your big day! They can take awhile to design, print, and assemble and ship though so plan early. Tip: Want to know when to send save-the dates and invitations? See my "When Do I Send My Wedding Invitations" blog post!

10. Book Your Honeymoon:

Book your honeymoon early to make sure you are getting the best deal!

11. Flowers:

Choose a florist that represents your style and your budget.

12. Cake:

If if you are not going with a traditional cake you will still want some form of dessert for you guests. Pick a bakery that fits your style and budget but don't forget to check with your venue before booking! Sometimes they only allow certain food vendors.

13. The Rings:

A lot of rings are custom made so make sure you order in time to accommodate!

14. Hair and Makeup:

Having someone on hand to do your hair and makeup with take a lot of stress off your during the big day. Sit back, relax, and be pampered!

15. Transportation: