How To Change Your Last Name After Marriage In 8 Easy Steps

Congratulations! You just got married.. now what? Well besides sending out thank you cards (see my wedding stationary timeline post) it's time to change your last name! Below are 8 easy steps to change your last name!

1. Get certified copies of your marriage certificate from the local clerk or county office your marriage license was filed in.

2. Visit your local Social Security Administration office to change your name so you can get a new Social Security card. Here's a link of locations for all you local Indianapolis readers!

3. Change your name at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles after your receive your new Social Security card to get a new drivers license.

4. Change your name on your bank accounts to keep your identity intact. Remember to request a new check book and debit card too.

5. Change your name on your passport. It can take awhile to get your passport updated (there is fee involved too) so keep this is mine as you plan for your honeymoon. Here is the link to change or correct your passport!

6. Change your name and other relevant information at work. The changes will be made to your W-2, W-4, and any deductions you might have.

7. Change your name and address (if applicable) with the United States Post Office (USPS). Here is the link for doing so online!

8. Notify other places you need to change your name like the electric or gas company, any creditors, or auto draft companies like Netflix or subscriptions.

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