When Do I Send My Wedding Invitation?

I get asked a lot when someone should send out their save-the-dates and/or their wedding invitations so I created this post to share my LMDP timeline tips with you all!


Save-the-dates are meant to give your guests a friendly heads up. They aren't necessary but can be a nice touch, especially for friends and family who have to travel. They may turn the trip into a small getaway so these can be sent up to a year in advance.

Local: 6-8 months Destination: 8 - 12 months


There is such a thing as too early for invitations, especially if you are not sending a save-the-date. You don't want guests excitement to fade because they got the invite a year ago.

Local: 6-8 weeks Destination: 3-4 months

RSVP Deadline

This may simply come down to the needs of your vendors. The first one to consider is your caterer, for the meal count. Check with each vendor to determine when they need the final head count and make the deadline date a week before that.

Local: 2-3 weeks Destination: 3-5 weeks

Thank You Cards

The dreaded thank you cards, I know I know. Family and friends who are unable to attend might send a gift early. Start sending out thank yous as soon as you receive gifts to minimize your workload after the wedding. Try to send the remainders no later than 4 weeks after the wedding.

Local: Immediately Destination: Immediately

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