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There is something that needs to be said to the people who protect us. The ones who run in when everyone else is running out, the ones who put their lives on the line each and every day, and the ones who defend us, here and over seas... and that is thank you!! 

So thank you to our military members, our veterans, our police officers, our EMTs, our firefighters, and the families that support them.


For your service you may receive a 15% discount on any service by providing a valid form of ID.

In order to receive the 15% discount, you will need to provide either an active duty military ID, VA card, DD214, dependent card, or badge. I recognize that taking pictures of government IDs is illegal so should you not be local, you will be asked to provide a photograph of the qualifying individual in their uniform. 

Qualifying individuals are: active duty and retired military, veterans, state and local police officers, EMTs, and firefighters.