When To NOT Wear Your Engagement Ring

Wait, what? You mean you shouldn't wear your engagement ring all the time?? I know, it's so pretty and you just got it so of course you want to wear it all the time! There are a few times you should take your sparkler off though if you want to keep it in tip top shape.. and who doesn't want that?! When you're hitting the gym Cardio won't do your ring any harm but weightlifting can. The pressure applied to your band(s) from the weights can bend them. This is especially harmful to pavé bands because smaller stones can fall out of their setting if the band is bent. When you're at the beach There are a few reasons for this one. 1. If it falls off in the sand or water it is more than likely a gon

How To Get The Most Pictures Out Of Your Wedding Day

On average, an 8 hour long wedding will produce around 800+ wedding images, baring nothing crazy happens. If you are looking for the most bang for you buck however, below are ways to get the most wedding photos out of your big day. Have a padded timeline Obviously the longer your photographer is there, the more images you'll receive. That's a no brainer. But when creating your timeline make sure the photographer has enough time for the important images. Now I'm not saying that the reception isn't important but let's be honest, you can only have so many photos of people dancing. When you look back on your wedding images I guarantee most of your print worthy images won't be reception images.

Ways To Trim Your Wedding Budget Without Sacrificing Style

With the national average cost of a wedding at $35,329 in 2016 (per The Knot), we can't deny that cheap weddings seem to be a thing of the past. If your budget can't stretch that far, don't worry you are not alone! There are some ways to trim the fat per say, out of your wedding budget. A great place to start is your Guest List. Only invite close family and friends and keep the list small. The smaller the list, the cheaper your entire wedding. You'll have less guests to feed and entertain and less invitations and favors to order. Instead of spending a couple thousand dollars on a Dress from a high end boutique, shop small. Look at non chain shops or try chains that are known for carrying low

How To Create A Stress-free Wedding Day Timeline

1. Consider a first look First looks aren't for everyone and that's OK! If you are considering a first look however, here are a few things to keep in mind. - They are a great way to knock out all the jitters of seeing your bride/groom for the first time in front of all your family and friends. - They save time between the ceremony and reception. You won't need a 2 hour cocktail hour anymore since your bride/groom portraits can be taken before the ceremony. 2. Limit your location changes Having your ceremony and reception at the same venue with bridal suits and groom rooms for getting ready in is ideal but not all venues can accommodate both the ceremony and the reception. If you are having y

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