A Look Into My (ever so full) Bag

If you've seen me at a wedding then you know I come looking like a pack mule. Camera and equipment aside, I do carry a lot of things with me and everything is available for use! Below is a list of things I always have on hand. A small step stool (a necessity since I'm pretty short) (5' 2.5" if you're wondering) White hangers (for pictures of the dresses) Umbrella (or maybe 2) Props: chalkboards and chalk pens (pictured above) ring boxes ribbon thank you sign thanks ya'll sign (coming soon) (Wood signs are a coming possibility) Survival Kit: (Shop yours here) Safety pins bobby pins sewing repair kit tide to go pen tissues nail file clear nail polish tums ibuprofen benadryl tampons fashion tap

How To Pull Off The Perfect Outdoor Ceremony

Outdoor ceremonies are my absolute favorite. They can be pretty tricky though since you are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Below are some tips to pull off your outdoor ceremony without a hitch! 1. Have a backup plan Even if you really want an outdoor ceremony you still want to have a plan B. We in the Midwest know the weather can change every 20 minutes and the weatherman seems to never get it right. When picking a venue make sure they have room inside for you ceremony just in case it comes to that. A temperature controlled venue is a plus! 2. Dress for the weather Are you having a summer wedding? You might opt for short length bridesmaids dresses and no suit jacket for the guys. If you are

Budgeting: Who Pays For What?

Traditionally speaking weddings are usually paid for by multiple people. The bride and groom pay their fair share but so do mom and dad. This may not be case for everyone but if you are lucky enough to have some help splitting the bill, below is a break down of traditional cost splitting basics to help you work out a budget you and your family can agree on. The Bride and her family - Church, synagogue, organist and so on - Wedding dress, veil, accessories and honeymoon clothes - Floral arrangements for the ceremony and reception, plus the bridal party bouquets - Photographer and videographer - Engagement party - Professional services including food and decorations - Hair and makeup for you a

We're Expanding!

-Interrupting your typical #WeddingWednesday broadcast to bring you a special message- LMDP is the 'one stop shop' for the Midwest bride. Along with providing engagement and wedding photography we design custom invitations, wedding programs, save the dates, menus, signs, favors, and cards for the Indianapolis and surrounding area. But that's not all... Starting in 2018 I am opening an Etsy shop! I am a total DIYer and I love crafting! Personalized gifts are coming to LMDP. Wedding details and favors are already available but personalized bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts are joining the lineup. Also coming are engagement and save the date signs, and wedding gift ideas. I am really excited to be ab

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