7 Ways to De-Stress While Wedding Planning

Wedding planning should be exciting and fun but we all know it is also very stressful. From finding the perfect vendors to staying in budget, is there really any surprise that "Bridezilla" makes an appearance every now and then? We didn't think so. Learning how to manage stress during your engagement is the secret to keeping your happily ever after so we are sharing our stress relief tips! Calm down on the caffeine Yes, we said it. Calm down on the caffeine. We all have the tendency to reach for the coffee pot when we're feeling tired and stressed. If you're already feeling anxious with wedding planning stress, large amounts of caffeine will only make that worse. Take care of your mind body

Wedding Day Bridal Beauty Tips

If your wedding day is fast approaching then check out our bridal beauty tips to look your best on your big day 1. Drink lots of water This may seem like a no brainer but being hydrated gives your skin a natural flow and being dehydrated makes wrinkles more prominent. 2. No new beauty regimens Changing up your beauty regimen and experimenting with new creams or makeup can cause skin irritation. 3. Don't spray tan Spray tans, especially if not done right, can leave you looking orange. Natural tanning is best but don't over do it. You don't want to dry out your skin or be darker than everyone around you. 4. Don't get your mani/pedi too early Get your nails done only a day or two before the wed

The Gift Registry For The Bride & Groom Who Have Everything

Don't need any more pots and pans? Already have 12 Egyptian cotton sheet sets? Then read below for more information on my wedding gift registry! What is a wedding gift registry you ask? A wedding gift registry is my very own complimentary photography gift registry service for brides and grooms. Gift registries aren't just for the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets anymore! Now your family and friends can gift you your wedding photos or credits toward prints and products! How does it work? It's super simple! You can contact me to reserve your wedding date and let me know you are interested in the gift registry. I will provide 30 beautifully designed registry cards to insert into your wedding

4 Wedding Hacks To Make Planning Less Painful

1. Wear your wedding shoes around the house before the big day. This way you'll break them in but they won't be scuffed up. It will also get your more accustomed to wearing them so you'll feel more confident walking down the isle. 2. Plan ahead and schedule some food to be delivered during hair and makeup. Make sure to eat and drink plenty of water so no one passes out during the ceremony, especially in hotter weather! 3. Sending a lot of invitations? Save your tongue and grab an envelope moistener with adhesive pen. Which is free to all LMDP brides who purchase a wedding invitation bundle :) 4. Pay it forward: Talk to your vendors! Most vendors have a great working relationship with other v

Your Wedding Planning Workflow

Happy New Year and congratulations on your engagement! Now let's be real for a minute.. we've all been planning our wedding since we were a little girl but we didn't realize just how much we had to plan and how much our dream Pinterest wedding would (shocked face) cost.. am I right?? Well if you're already feeling overwhelmed and are not even sure where to start then read below for your Wedding Planning Workflow- it's everything you need to plan with a helpful timeline! Happy planning! 1. GET ENGAGED! (Check!): Let the wedding planning begin! Start looking for a wedding planner now if you plan to have one, they can help with anything and everything! 2. Guest List: Creating a guest list right

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